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What We Believe
God - God, who is one, is revealed in three distinct persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.
Jesus -  God became human in Jesus of Nazareth and his life, death and resurrection demonstrates God's redeeming love.  We believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. 
The Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit is God's present activity in our midst.  When we sense God's leading, God's challenge, or God's support or comfort, it's the Holy Spirit at work.
Human Beings - We believe that God created human beings in God's image.  We believe that humans can choose to accept or reject a relationship with God.  We believe that ll humans need to be in relationship with God in order to be fully human.
Sin - Sin is our willful act of turning from God as the center of life and making our own selves and our own wills the center.  Sin separates us from God, separates us from other people, separates us from the rest of creation, and separates us from becoming who God intended us to be. 
Salvation -  Jesus Christ's self-giving sacrifice on the cross and His victory over sin and death in the Resurrection make our salvation possible.  Salvation cannot be earned.  It is the gift of God given through Jesus Christ.  We believe that anyone can be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as they accept Christ as their Savior, turn away from sin, and begin the journey of growing in holiness.
The Church - The church is the body of Christ, an extension of Christ's life and ministry in the world today.
The Bible - We believe that the Bible is God's Word and is the primary authority for our faith and practice.
Baptism - Baptism marks the beginning of our lifelong journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Through baptism, we are joined with God, the whole of Christ's church, and our local congregation.  The water and work of the Holy Spirit in baptism convey God's saving grace, the forgiveness of our sins, and new life in Jesus Christ.  We believe that persons of any age may be baptized.  United Methodists baptize in a variety of ways (immersion, pouring, or sprinkling).  A person receives the sacrament of baptism only once in his or her life.
Holy Communion - Through Holy Communion, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as we receive the bread and juice.  We believe that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are spiritually nourished and encouraged as disciples of Jesus in ministry to all the world as we celebrate Holy Communion.  All who love Christ, earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another are invited to join us in the Lord's Supper regardless of age or church membership.
All statements were taken from the website of 
The United Methodist Church and more information can be found there.
Meet Our Staff
Rev. Matthew Kimmons
Senior Pastor
Rev. Joe Cox
Director of Youth Ministries
Kerri Dalrymple
Director of KidZone Ministries
Kathy Jones
Office Manager
Patty Elza
Financial Secretary
Brittany & Tim Parker